Energy Saving: LED Lights to Replace Tungsten Bulbs

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Flip the switch and you'll see this isn't your grand-daddy's 100 watt light bulb…it looks different…but shines the all the same.

Sylvania and Philips have created light emitting diode light bulbs…which use far less energy than their conventional incandescent cousin…the tungsten bulb..

Joseph Kirkpatrick, Lowe's Home Improvement

"you're getting 100 watts out of the bulb, but it's only using 20. It produces far less heat."

Leds are small chips which light up when current passes through them. Technological advances have produced leds that now make white light.

The federal government is banning the manufacture of regular bulbs as of the new year because of new energy efficiency standards.

You can buy the Sylvania model at some Lowe's stores and home depot will offer the Philips brand through its website.

The promise is huge energy savings over the long term. Yet the upfront cost may light up your wallet - around 49 to 55 bucks per bulb..

Joseph Kirkpatrick/Lowe's Home Improvement:

" they do cost more, but if you factor in what your's a wash."

As in you'll get your money back and then some with a lower electricity bill…but the leds might be a tough sell for the energy deprived among us… the other low energy alternative-- compact fluorescent bulbs-- cost considerably less…

Mark Weaver, Dallas Resident

"somebody would have to show me it's going to last a long time, before I put out that money."

David Russell/Dallas Resident:

"I don't think I could afford to pay that much up front with as many bulbs as I buy."

John Carpenter/Dallas Resident:

'if I thought it would last a long time I probably would pay for it, but almost everything I see that says it lasts forever never does."

Leds may be the future of home lighting, but until their costs come down consumers may be bright-sided by the price.

John Mone/Associated Press

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