Kitchen Sparks a Dothan House Fire

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Dothan Emergency crews are working to put out a house fire.

It happened on 817 East Adams Street just after 2 pm this evening.

So far officials believe the fire started in the kitchen and quickly spread.

Officials had to cut power off and make sure there were no gas leaks around the home.

Right now they say the fire is under control and hope to put it out soon.

The owner was inside when the incident happened, fortunately he's okay.

Currently we're using our lateral area truck to get above the fire and extinguish the fire. They're making headway at this time. happy to report that everyone was able to get out of the home there's no injuries reported and no injuries to the firefighters here on the scene, said Chris Etheredge.

Police had to evacuate one home where the fire started, but say the rest of the homes in the area should be safe.

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