Kids Have 'Art Attack' at Wiregrass Museum of Art

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DOTHAN, AL---Scissors, paint, pencils, paper and kids make the perfect combination to create art.

"We get a lot of oh and ahhs and ah that was so cool," said Art instructor Jamie Richey.

"We get to paint a lot and that's one of my favorite things to do in art," said 7-year-old Nadia Soifer.

"We made a bunch of collages , we drew abstract stuff, made a dragon out of clay playdough stuff," said 8-year-old Daniel Morgan.

Wiregrass Museum of Art instructors say all that excitement is exactly what they want.

"There's no better way to express art and to show art to the kids than through a summer camp," said WMA Exec. Director Joe Sette.

"They don't get the art skills in schools anymore, the arts get cut, or even if they don't this is something that they can extend over the summer," said Richey.

The kids say they're skills, they're sure they'll continue to use.

"Make collages because my cousin used to do that and I learned how to make collages here," said Soifer.

"I learned how to draw abstract pictures, make collages and i also learned how to draw a whole lot better and make dragons out of playdough."

The kids also spent time exploring the art galleries and current exhibits at the museum.

Classes are offered through the summer.
If you're interested in signing your child up, give the Wiregrass Museum of Art a call.

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