Kevin Dorsey in Florida Rapper's Video

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District One candidate, Kevin Dorsey, is in a promotional video featuring a Florida rapper.

The video was posted on a local blog site Sunday.

The run-off election is Tuesday between James Reading and Dorsey.

District one candidate Kevin Dorsey stood in front of his business five years ago asking the public to check out a local rapper's CD.

"As you can see on the video I was promoting my business I don't have any relationship with the guy, the young guy came up asked about a CD and whatnot and I just asked people if you like it you like it if you don't you don't," said Dorsey.

"Never once did Dorsey say in the video he endorses the guy that he endorses the lifestyle or anything in it he never says he endorses anything about him or the music," said Marcus Kage, Radio DJ.

"Dorsey never endorsed this rap artist he simply gave the public the ability to decide for themselves what they felt about his work it was obvious he was trying to get peoples opinion," said Jemmie Watford, Dothan Resident.

Dorsey doesn't want to the video to overshadow the main purpose of the election.

The video was taken down from the local blog on Monday afternoon.

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