Kentucky: Banned From Saying Bingo!

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A Northern Kentucky teenager has been banned from saying the word "Bingo" after shouting it in a Bingo hall, which created some confusion and anxiety.

"Old MacDonald had a farm. EIEIO."
Austyn Whaley battles temptation to sing a favorite song.
"Ringo was his name-o."
He's coming up with work-arounds.

"I try to say it backwards like 'ognib' or something along the lines of that."

It began at the Pike street bingo hall, as mostly elderly women played a game. Whaley walked in and hollered "bingo."

"They just looked at me, then looked back down."

Park hills officer Richard Webster sprang into action.
Whaley describes what happened next, saying, "Instantly, grabs my hand, handcuffs me, takes me to the back of his cruiser."
The citation reads in part, the 'violator' caused 'alarm to patrons.'

Austyn's mom and sister are eager to help him.

B-4 he yells again, they've forced Austyn to change his dog walking route, ensuring he doesn't pass the bingo hall.

Austyn says the Kenton County Judge asked if he was serious when he described why he was charged with disorderly conduct.

"He's a good guy. I'm glad that he -- I wasn't the only one who thought the charge was crazy. I'm glad he was really cool about it."

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