Kelley's Law Passes in the Alabama House

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The Alabama legislature approved a bill that would make it a capital offense to murder someone who has a protective order against the offender.

It's called Kelley's Law and it's goal is to help end domestic violence.

Under the law, if someone were to kill a person who had a restraining order against them, he could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

He could also receive the death penalty.

Kelley's Law is named after a Marshall County woman, who was killed by her estranged husband a few weeks after she took out a restraining order against him.

The husband was sentenced to life in prison but will be eligible for parole next year.

Houston County District Attorney Doug Valeska says the law is a step in the right direction.

"In this world we have had domestic violence from day one why its taken years and years for women and I know you can say men but women and this is the south this is the deep dark secret no one wants to talk about doctors plenty of people see the domestic violence but they don't get involved," said Valeska.

Domestic violence doesn't just affect adults.

Often times children are involved as well.

Executive director of the Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center, Sherryl Walker, released this statement.

"Children, who live in domestic violent homes, are at high risk to be abused. Even when restraining orders are in place, situations can escalate into extreme violence and even to death. Children often try to intervene in family fights and they are hurt, emotionally if not physically. Having a parent die due to domestic violence must be a terrible burden for children to live with. When restraining orders are broken, it is important to have tough penalties in place to aid in the protection of children."

This is the fourth time Senator Clay Scofield has pushed for this bill.

Kelley's Law now goes Governor Robert Bentley's office for his signature.

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