Keith Gray Appears Before Dothan Personnel Board

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DOTHAN, AL -- Former Dothan Police Officer Keith Gray is appearing before the Dothan Personnel Board. Gray is appealing his termination from the Dothan Police Department in September.

Dothan Police Chief Greg Benton has said he fired Gray because Gray violated department general orders and personnel rules and regulations of the city.

The Dothan City Personnel Board will act as a judge in the case, and it can overturn Gray's termination. It can issue a ruling allowing Gray to remain a city employee and work for any other department within the City of Dothan.

WTVY has a reporter inside the personnel board hearing. Updates on the hearing are listed below.

10:27 a.m.

Gray says he was never a part of Outlaw Motorcycle Club. He says he was only involved in self-started group "Bama Boys" but sought a territorial blessing from Outlaw Alabama Club Motorcycle President "Big O," in Anniston, Alabama to see if both groups could co-exist in the same area.

9:54 a.m.

Gray being interviewed if he's ever been in charge of a federal investigation involving a street gang. The attorney is asking Gray if he's familiar with bulletins street gangs put out and reports then to a database.

Gray says he's been in charge of threat assessments but doesn't look at every piece of literature that is placed on his desk, unless its a very specific threat. He says some bulletins are filtered down to other officers.

The attorney is asking Gray if he's aware of the problems with motorcycle gangs. Gray says he is aware.

The conversation is getting heated among the audience.

9:29 a.m.

More than 50 people have packed the room and continue to fill in the Sudako Room at the Dothan Civic Center. The Dothan personnel Meeting has begun.

Captain Keith Gray is told he was in violation of several police codes. An internal police investigation showed Captain Gray sought approval for two new motorcycle clubs in Alabama.

The investigation found these groups abide by their own rules and violence, that includes Alabama Oukast Motorcycle Club. Gray's involvement with any non-law abiding activity as a police officer is prohibited.

Dothan Personnel Board Director says a separate investigation found Gray to be untruthful. He allegedly lied about looking at pornographic pictures on his work cellphone.

Captain gray and his attorney are reviewing his personnel file brought by City Attorney Delvic McKay. So far, Gray's attorney has made several objections concerning the file.

McKay says there are no grounds for any of the objections made so far. We will speak with the family's attorney immediately following the conclusion of this morning's meeting.

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