K-9 Seminar Held in Dothan

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Officers from all over Alabama came together for the 17th annual k-9 seminar.

“This is just an opportunity for k-9 handlers to get together to network, share information, gives them a chance to come down and work in other areas, work with other people, get different ideas, different training techniques.” Dothan Police Corporal William Wozinak said.

The k-9 dogs went through many real life scenarios, such as sniffing out drugs.

“We have narcotics detection, explosive detection, patrol training, area searches tracking.” Wozinak said.

The Dothan Police Department has nine k-9's, eight of which are trained for both drug and protection situations.
And this seminar doesn’t just help train the dogs, but prepares officers too.

“We put together this seminar to help the smaller agencies, that don’t have the same assets, the same resources as we have.” Wozinak said.

Officers say although this seminar happens only once a year, the dogs constantly go through drills to make sure their skills stay sharp.

Wozniak says it’s great to train together with other agencies to prepare for situation like the hostage situation that is still going on.

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