"Just the Facts" Women's Workshop

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"Healthy You" organization held the first installment of their "Just the Facts" Women's Workshop Wednesday at Head Start on Powell Street in Dothan. The first topic of discussion was communication. Experts say the goal is to form healthy relationships.

"Our whole purpose is basically to get people to start thinking about, what does a healthy partner look like? What does a healthy relationship look like? Because if we make better decisions with our partners, our spouses, our children will have a better life," Kris Doss said, Facilitator.

The program runs from Feb. 19-21 and will cover more topics including finances, conflict management, and emotional triggers.

The workshop goes until Friday, February 21st and encourages attendees to bring a friend or two. If you wish to register please visit http://www.jtfstraighttalk.com/

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