First Junior Police Academy

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The first Junior Police Academy is giving children the opportunity to not only learn about a career in law enforcement but get a first hand look at what it takes.

Its a two week long program that might plant the seed to grow into a law enforcement career.

Junior Police Academy kicked off Monday, hoping to educate youth, starting with the past.

"We are learning a lot of history, theres a lot of stuff i didn't know," says participant Brian Ozbun.

Law Enforcement Officials say these programs are important because they can build a bridge between themselves and the children in the community.

"Its a way we can connect with kids, show them what we do, get involved with them, maybe take some of the mystery out of law enforcement, " says Lieutenant Benny Baxley.

"Sometimes people don't understand when we make traffic stops why we stay back in our car for a couple of minutes or whatever, so we kind of go thru some of that stuff too. We take them thru every little part of the police department, every division, the different units that are involved, the S.W.A.T team, Bomb team, K9 team".

Camp goer's are learning what its like to be an officer and to wear the badge.

"Learning a lot about how officers, what they put their lives on the line for, you know, why they're helping us and what an important part of our country they are, " says Ozbun.

With physical activity being such an important part of Law Enforcement, camp participants are constantly moving.

"We have some physical training that we do in the mornings, and then we have classroom stuff in the mornings also and then some kind of physical activity or exercise in the afternoon," says Baxley.

"I'm very excited about getting to the range thursday and also pt, so physical training, cant wait," says Ozbun.

Possibly turning that excitement into a long term career goal.

Dothan Police expect to hold two academies next Summer.
The Cadet Program which introduces children to Law Enforcement. And the American Police Officers Program, which goes through character building.

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