Jackson County Sheriff's Office Warns Residents About Phone Scam

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The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is investigating a phone scam.

According to a News Release from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, a resident received a scam phone call on Friday, May 10.

Police report that the person calling the residents was claiming to be a grandchild.

The caller stated they were out of the country and was involved in a vehicle crash. The grandchild instructed the citizen to wire an amount of money, in this case, to the Dominion Republic, to repair the other person’s car involved in the crash. If the money was not sent the grandchild would be arrested.

This is a scam and in this case the citizen did not send any money. If you receive a similar call, contact the grandchild, or stated family member, by a phone number that you are familiar with or contact another family member that would have knowledge of the grandchild’s whereabouts and situation.

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