Jackson County Residents Speak Out Against Poor Publicity

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Jackson County residents are speaking out against poor publicity concerning an old Florida school for boys.

A group of Jackson County “citizens of the year" voiced their disapproval with local news media on Jackson County courthouse steps in front of a crowd.
Instead of focusing on the good at the Dozier School for Boys, residents feel that all publicity has been negative. Group members say that reports on the school for boys have put the town in a negative light.

"It's bad publicity for the entire panhandle of Florida and the wilder some of these headlines become and the wilder some of these stories become the worst the publicity is. It's had a measurable economic impact on this community, hundreds of people have lost jobs here, businesses here have lost millions of dollars that they used to make from supplying Dozier School," said Dale Cox, a 2012 Jackson County citizen of the year.

Today's rally was peaceful and protesters would like for Marianna to be spotlighted for its good not just the bad.

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