Jackson County Leaders Want to Expand Howell's Landing

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Jackson County leaders are making plans to expand one of the county's popular recreational areas to attract even more tourism.

Located in Sneads, Fla. officials want to add new amenities to Howell's Landing. In order to complete the project, the county would have to lease more land around surrounding the area. The land belongs to the U.S. Corps of Engineers, they would first have to give permission to the county before action can take place.

"It's just a great resource for us. We have a lot of bass fishing tournaments. We just had one a couple of weeks ago and we need to improve our facilities to attract these larger bass tournaments in," said Chuck Hatcher, the Jackson County Director of Parks and Recycling.

Jackson County officials expect to submit their master plan to the U.S. Corps of Engineers within the next 18 months.

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