Investigation Leads To Arrests For Illegal Gun Sales

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DOTHAN, AL -- A recent federal investigation has led to 10 arrests for illegal gun sales. U.S. Attorney George Beck Jr. says the illegal gun sales took place at Sadie's Flea Market on 231 South.

In an effort to cut down on criminal activity our area, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Exposives conducted an undercover investigation.

Federal agents arrested 10 people over the course of several months.

It all started months ago when ATF agents say they received a tip that guns were being sold illegally at booth's at Sadie's Flea Market.

The owners of the flea market cooperated fully with authorites and are not involved in any criminal activity.

During a press conference Monday, the US attorney for the Middle District of Alabama,George Beck, says more than 200 guns and more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition were seized.

Becks says the weapons ranged from pistols to shotguns to rifles.

According to court documents , the 10 men were either selling guns to known felons, selling guns across state lines or felons themeselves in possession of guns.

Convicted felons are not allowed to have access to any firearms.

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