Inside Job Crimes

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OZARK, AL-- In a matter of 24 hours in Ozark, two situations involving restaurants and crime. First a judge sentences a man to prison for a November robbery at the area Captain D’s. Then thieves hit a Taco Bell.

Investigators say some employees at the two places knew more than originally reported.

To the average viewer, it looks like an employee’s worst fear.
But in reality, investigators say these workers at the Ozark Taco Bell were just putting on a show. An inside job, just like the one that happened yards away at the Captain D’s months earlier.

District Attorney Kirke Adams said, “Times are tough and the lure of easy money is always available especially to employees who really don’t think it is their money anyway.”

Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey said, “Plans are formulated plans are devised to do a robbery.”

But police quickly see through those plans and past the surveillance tapes.

Spivey said, “The Taco Bell case was resolved in less than 24 hours…There is no such thing as a perfect crime. No matter how well you plan crimes, how well you execute crimes, you are going to make a mistake. It may be very subtle. But then that one subtle thing that you do or don’t do could be the very key that causes the dominos to fall.”

And officials say providing inside information to a robber makes them just as guilty.

Adams said, “Anybody that is an accomplice to the crime, they know it is going on and they don’t do anything the law requires to stop it, to warn people about it, become a part of the crime…and the temptation is there but the consequences are severe. If you are charged and convicted of robbery in the first degree you are going to prison.”

Being convicted of theft and robbery comes with a wide scale of punishments, you could see anywhere from 2 years to life in prison.