Inmate No Longer Allowed at Boys and Girls Club

ABBEVILLE, Ala. (AP) -- An Alabama sheriff says an inmate will no longer be allowed to volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club.

Reports say that Henry County inmate Charles Turner had volunteered at the Abbeville Boys and Girls Club. He and other trusties were recently featured in a front-page photograph in the Abbeville Herald marking the club's open house event.

Reports also say that Turner is one of four people charged with capital murder kidnapping in the death of Darren Minniefield, whose relatives objected to Turner's volunteer work. Authorities say Minniefield was beaten and kidnapped from a Headland home in 2012 and later died.

Henry County Sheriff William Maddox said Turner will remain a trusty, but won't be allowed outside the jail.

The sheriff said Turner had cleaned the club's floors.

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