Inmate Labor Program Helps Beautify Dale County

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Through a joint project between the Dale County Commission and the Dale County Sheriffs Office, the County Inmate Labor Program is a way for inmates to give back to their community.

A small group of inmates and a Dale County Sheriffs Officer will be along the county roads cleaning up trash. They receive $25.00 per day to cut down on fines and court costs they owe. However, the inmates never physically receive the money, it is given straight to the circuit clerk who deducts it from their balance.

Chairman Mark Blankenship said they could never hire someone for less than this program is costing the county, and it is a more certain way of getting some of their debt paid.

"It gives them an opportunity to give back and it also vies them the opportunity to be paying back those court costs and fines because chances are good that we might not ever get that money back," Chairman Blankenship said.

Dale County Sheriffs Office Supervising Officer Gordon Bennett will be out with the small group of inmates as they work along county roads. He and the county leaders ask drivers to be cautious.

"I want to make sure that we've got lights, that we've got bright vests and I keep up with them as they go," Bennett said. "One thing is paramount and that's safety."

The county has purchased a workman's comp policy to cover liability.