Increase In Teen Violence

As trends of teen violence increase, it raises the question why?

"You see economic factors, if their family is going thru hard times, you'll see violent behaviors in children."

Stanley Davis with the Southeast Alabama Youth Services says it's something he sees everyday.

He believes it goes deeper than committing an act of violence.

"Fathers not choosing to be fathers, you see mothers not choosing to be mothers, wanting to take on the role of being more or less a friend to a child when that child actually needs a parent"

"If we leave our children to the streets, the streets will raise those children and what they'll learn in the streets is how to get things by taking short cuts and by abusing other people"

Officials say it's important for parents to be present in their child's life.

Taking note of changes can save youth from going down a troubled path.

"If their grades start slipping, if you start seeing outburst or if you see any kind of behavior that's not normal for your child."

"When schools ask for help, when they ask for parents to come to meetings, then you need to come to those meetings, you need to understand, what’s going on"

And to understand, the lines of communication have to be open.

"Communication is the biggest thing between parents and students, or parents and their students friends. You can talk to those kids, a lot of times they will give you some insight into how your child is feeling."

"I hope no one ever thinks that this generation is lost because it's not. The generation just needs direction, and that's our responsibility, to provide direction for those children"

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