Immigration Reform Update

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Historic immigration legislation is on track to clear the Senate by week's end following a successful test vote.

A final vote in the Senate on Thursday or Friday would send the issue to the House, where conservative Republicans in the majority oppose citizenship for anyone living in the country illegally.

President Barack Obama says now is the time to do it.

His prodding came several hours before the Senate voted 67-27 on Monday to advance the measure over a procedural hurdle. The tally was seven more than the 60 needed, with 15 Republicans joining Democrats in voting yes.

Republican Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions of Alabama both voted no.

Both Senators from Florida voted yes while Senators from Georgia did not vote.

Nelson (D), Yes; Rubio (R), Yes.

Chambliss (R), Not Voting; Isakson (R), Not Voting.

Rep. Paul Ryan says the Senate's advancement of stronger border security provisions makes it more likely that immigration reform will pass the House and become law.

The House "will do its own legislation," Ryan said, and won't take up the Senate bill if it is passed this week. But the Wisconsin Republican said the stronger border measures the Senate advanced Monday are more in line with the views of House Republicans.

Ryan told CBS' "This Morning" on Tuesday that "the majority of Republicans support the border security."

Monday's Senate advancement of a provision doubling the number of border patrol agents and calling for hundreds of miles of new fencing along the border with Mexico "helps make this final passage even more likely," Ryan said.

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