IOC Officials Evaluate Olympic Venues in Rio

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) finished its fourth round of inspections of the Rio 2016 Olympic sites on Wednesday (February 20).

This was the IOC's first visit to Rio since telling officials in November that time was ticking and preparations needed to speed up.

But on Wednesday, both the IOC and Brazilian officials appeared confident that all the Olympic venues will be ready on time.

The Olympics are the third major event the city will take on in coming years. Rio de Janeiro will also be one of the host cities of the FIFA's Confederations Cup, in July, and the 2014 World Cup.

Briefing the media on Wednesday, the IOC Olympic Games Executive Director, Gilbert Felli, said his organization will be keeping a close eye on how the city handles those two major events.

"We will observe what happens during the World Cup because it's important, as we did for the Carnival, because we were happy to see how the city works when we have got a big event, and of course, as Madam Nawal said as we can see here, it will be ready for the Confederations Cup," Felli said.

The IOC's next visit to the 2016 Olympic sites will be in June.

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