IAMAW Workers Organize Daleville Restaurant Sit In to Show Support for Local Business

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DALEVILLE -- About 40 IAMAW workers gathered at the Diner in Daleville on Thursday morning for an organized restaurant sit in.

They chose the Diner because they said it is a "Daleville icon."

The union strikers packed tables and booths as a way to show the community that, although they are unpaid, they are still going to make an effort to support the local economy.

They also said this is a way to thank the local businesses for the support they are showing them.

The Diner restaurant owner Steve Drown said the Fort Rucker community, especially the union machinists, are vital to his establishment.

"Well certainly my business thrives on that support, therefore if there's no support, I have no business," Drown said.

At this time, a representative from the Army Fleet Support said they have no updates.

A federal mediator met with L3 Army Fleet Support negotiators on Wednesday and there is no update at this time.