How Wiregrass Residents Protect Themselves While Out on the Town

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In less than a week, there have been two incidents at Wiregrass night clubs that have sent attendees to the hospital.

A WTVY Facebook status about night club safety yielded over 100 comments of users saying what form of protection they bring out with them when they go to a local bar or club.

Some commented that they bring mace or pocket knives with them, while others stated that they bring firearms.

Dothan Police warn residents to be cautious if they decide to arm themselves before going out on-the-town.

“It just depends on where you’re going because not everybody has good intentions when they carry those things on. Some hot-heads, that when they are liquored up have said that if they weren't liquored up they wouldn't do what they did, so with that being said, you gotta really say to yourself do I really need to carry this and what am I carrying it for,” said Corporal Maurice Eggleston of the Dothan Police Department.

Tell us if you carry a weapon when you go to a bar club in the comment section below.

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