How To Save On Your Utility Bill During The Summer Months

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Local utility companies say in addition to changing your air conditioner filter regularly, you can take advantage of additional savings.

It's officially summer in southeast Alabama.

"The heat here is one thing but the problem that we suffer from is that we have humidity and that causes the heat index to be even higher than the actual temperature, " says Deanna Albritton, Member Services Coordinator at Wiregrass Electric.

But before the peak of the summer heat, maintenance is key.

"You could be low on freon which means that your temperatures aren't going to be coming out as cool as they should be which means longer run times, " says Jessie Ingram, Manager of Energy Services at Wiregrass Electric.

You can also help your bill, without even being home.

"If you're not home, you don't need your house 74 degrees, 78, what ever temperature you set, I highly recommend going up 3 to 4 degrees," says Ingram.

"Remember that that 2 or 3 degrees in your thermostat bumping it up from 75 to 78 can really show some savings," says Albritton.

"Programmable thermostats are also good if someone is on the same schedule everyday, " says Ingram.

"Windows, doors, you would really be surprised at how much air is escaping thru your door just because of the air gaps, " says Albritton.

Officials say although it may not be the most comfortable,it's recommended that you keep your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher and use ceiling fans.

They also say to check your system every 6 months, before summer and before winter to make sure your unit is operating as efficiently as possible.

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