How The BP Oil Spill Is Affecting Dothan

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The BP oil spill took a toll on several business along the gulf shores, effecting the livelihood of millions and Dothan might add to that number.

"Dothan had previously submitted a claim to BP which was denied and you have to submit the claim first to be able to file a lawsuit against them or go into litigation so we've joined with cities in this area in Alabama to see if number one some type of negotiation settlement could be received or if necessary to file a suit against them, " says City Manager Mike West.

City officials say business here in the Wiregrass took a hard hit to the BP oil spill, totaling losses in the millions.

"We did an analysis so we feel that during the period of the oil spill there was about a million of dollars of revenue that didn't come in and we want to try and recover some if not all of that".

"People who would normally come thru Dothan going to the Florida beaches no longer came thru here, they no longer bought gas, they no longer stopped and ate or did any shopping along the way," says West.

"We feel that the city probably lost some business tax revenue because same affect on us, if the restaurant didn't do business and generate any taxes we didn't get any taxes, we feel like we were hurt from the city standpoint also," says Commissioner Albert Kirkland of District 3.

Settlements were expected as President Obama called it the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced.

"My understanding is the government is required them to set aside a certain amount of money they are going to have to spend on this," says Kirkland.

Money that they feel is owed to the Wiregrass.

West says the Commission will sign a contract with Prim & Mendheim to represent the city in the suit.

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