How Federal Budget Cuts Could Effect Dothan's Airport

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Since December of last year, we've heard about fiscal cuts twice.
This time, congress only has two days to avoid the cuts.
And the Dothan Regional Airport may be on the list of small airports that may have to close.

Two days and counting, that's how long single mother and soldier Stephanie Roberts will have to wait to find out if she will continue to be an air traffic controller on Fort Rucker.

It's a service she has done for a little more than two years, and unfortunately for her if lawmakers in Washington don't do something soon, she has to deal with both sides of this financial coin.

"It could effect me getting a job getting out the military this next year, on the civilian side, or it could effect me staying in the military with control jobs and the towers that we run, I am a single parent so I could be effected on both sides," says Stephanie Roberts, Air Traffic Controller for the U.S. Army.

And the waiting game is a game Roberts does not want to play, especially when it come to the game of life.

"It's a waiting game for applying for jobs, some towers might close and some people have to take care of their family, like I have a family," says Stephanie Roberts, Air Traffic Controller for the U.S. Army.

The budget cuts hit close to home. Roberts travels through the Dothan Regional Airport quite often and the possibility the airport could lose an air traffic control tower and TSA security concerns her.

"Now, we're going to have to drive a couple hours to the nearest airport, and especially big families, and people with small children, that's a long day of traveling on plane and car," says Stephanie Roberts, Air Traffic Controller for the U.S. Army.

It's also a concern for airport manager Art Morris.

"Well actually we don't know anything right now, we have receive no official notification as to the status of the control tower, yet," says Dothan Regional Airport Director, Art Morris.

And not knowing that status makes it difficult for the airport to move forward.

"It may not close we're not sure, if it does close, then we're just going to have to take it one step at a time, to try and handle it when it does happen, it don't think it will happen immediately over night, it would probably be over a two or three week period, that it would close down," says Dothan Regional Airport Director, Art Morris.

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