Houston County Teacher Arrested

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At Rehobeth High School Monday, students were in the classroom while 10th grade science teacher Robert Michael was in the Houston county jail facing three felony charges.

The charges stem from his alleged sexual relationship with a 16-year old student.

"Under the law that is a felony. It was charged approximately two years ago," says District Attorney Doug Valeska.

Under that law a teacher can face up to twenty years in prison on each federal count.
A penalty Valeska says is appropriate simply because anyone can be violated.

"the law was passed to protect children, when they have to do anything with any school activity or a peron that's a teacher."

Police say Micheal was caught with the 16-year old in her bedroom by her parents Friday night. They say he took off into nearby woods until police caught him.

"You ask what can parents do? Well, it's kinda like this mother, check on your children, talk with them,” says Valeska urging parents to be cautious if they suspect anything.

In the meantime, Houston County School administrators say Michael has been placed on administrative leave. They also plan to implement their student first act once the investigation is closed.

Michael did have his first court appearance this morning.

He is being held in the county jail without bond.

Michael says he plans to hire his own defense attorney.

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