Houston County Swears in New Probate Judge

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Houston County residents crowded into the commission chambers on Sunday afternoon to welcome a fresh face into the position of probate judge.

"It is a lot of responsibility, but I have followed a judge that has done a wonderful job and gone out of her way to teach me and mentor me so I'm excited about the opportunity to follow up with the things I have learned from her and my own experiences as an attorney. But there's always going to be new challenges and I'm excited about those challenges."

Davenport will be replacing Judge Luke Cooley, who has served as Houston County's Probate Judge for the past 18 years.
He says serving as probate judge is going to be a family matter.

"It's a family process and I think we serve together because there are sacrifices that have to be made when you serve. So consequently, family has to endure those sacrifices with you. But we're glad to do that, we're excited for the opportunity to be able to serve."

"We really have no idea what to expect, we're just going to take it day by day and stand by him and enjoy him while we can. We don't feel like he's going to be as accessible to us as he was in the past but we've had many good years to have him around and we're just looking forward to the opportunity for him to serve the community."

"It's really special and it's really neat to be a part of all this that he's doing."

With his family standing behind him, Davenport says he looks forward to serving a community he's been a part of his entire life.

"I think everyday you walk in your life and you serve in the role you've been called to serve in, consistent with what your beliefs and your values are."

After swearing him in, Houston County residents welcomed Judge Davenport with a standing ovation.

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