Houston County Sheriff's Office Transitions to 12 Hour Shifts

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Captain Jeff Carlisle of the Houston County Sheriff's Office says his department has been looking into a change for awhile.

"The Sheriff has tried to look at putting more man power on the streets to take care of the county better and also to get more security out on the roads."

And now, they're doing just that by transitioning to 12 hour shifts.

"We found that we can get to a potentially doubling our manpower issues on shift. With this we have the ability to address more of the back up issues and of course having more coverage in the county."

"We're actually using the same amount of people as far as our department, but by doing the 12 hour shifts, it will staff our people differently. Everyday we'll have more people working that what we've had on our shifts in the past."

You might think 12 hours is a long shift.
But deputies have a plan of action when it comes to fighting fatigue and stay physically fit.

"We're gonna allow them time to one, do the fit for duty, which is a fitness program. We also have a gym that we can all work out in."

"They'll be an opportunity to actually get into that because there will be a lull time where they can get their workout in."

Carlisle says the change in hours is not a bad deal for the deputies either, especially since they'll be getting more time off on the weekends.

"The 12 hour shifts will help them have a little more time off on the weekends, spending more time at work during the week."

Gonzalez says this type of change is exactly what the Houston County Sheriff's Office needs in order to keep the public safe.

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