Houston County Schools Adapt to Healthy Lunch Guidelines

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Houston County students are getting used to healthier school lunches.

With federal guidelines constantly changing, it can be overwhelming for school districts.

"It does get a little overwhelming because everyone has to be trained and have a good understanding of it," Assistant Child Nutrition Director Marie Payne said.

But Houston County Schools are becoming more familiar with the guidelines and doing their best to make the students happy as well.

"We collaborate a lot with other districts to exchange recipes and things like that so we can make it tasteful,” Payne said.

The new lunches are also broadening students' taste buds.

"A lot more fruits and vegetables, that maybe students have not experienced. So it's a new experience. Say kiwi or satsumas, things that kids have not had before," Payne said.

Payne says parents can benefit from their kids' healthy eating.

"We want to educate the students on what a healthy meal looks like, they still have those options outside of school but maybe they can tell parents - this would be a good meal," Payne said.

The district calls their program "Offer Versus Serving" lunches so students have more fruit and veggie options to choose for their plate. .

School officials say salad bars have been successful at the high school level in getting students to eat more vegetables.