Cafeteria Focus Turns to Nutrition in Houston County Schools

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UPDATE: Helping students eat healthy...A goal for Dothan City Schools this year.

Eating is something we all have to do, whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But Dothan City Schools are making sure healthy choices are a menu priority.

Pizza or salad? A question some students may be asking themselves as they return to school.

Some students say the healthier choice is the way to go.

"It's more healthy for me in the long run and better for my health whenever I'm older, " says Dothan High School student Riley Brooks.

School officials say they are trying to cut out the bad and add more of the good.

"Trying to get away from your fatty foods and your sugars and stuff, we're using less salt, " says Rex Ward, Assistant Lunch Room Manager at Grandview Elementary School.

"Serving more vegetables and fruits and salads and fruit salads to help the kids get healthier, " says Tammie Wright, Lunch Room Manager at Dothan High School.

Even though the option for a healthy lunch is available, officials and students agree, you can't always expect the salad to be the selection.

"Probably 90 percent do that, they don't really care they just eat to eat," says Daniel Casher, student at Dothan High School.

"Yes you have some that's going to get the pizza and tater tots but you have some that are going to get the salads and the fruit salads and the sub sandwiches so i mean it's about half and half, " says Wright.

But officials say, they will still do the best they can.

"We're here to serve them the best types of food that they need like your vegetables, your fruits, your meats, your proteins, " says Ward.


At Dothan High School they serve about 850 students a day; that's more than 4,000 menu choices each week.

When it comes to menu options, Dothan City schools follow United States Department of Agriculture guidelines for nutrition,

A new school year is bringing some new changes to Houston County cafeterias.

WTVY stopped by a few different Dothan City Schools today to see what healthy changes are being served during lunch.

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