Houston County Roads Close Due to Flooding

Houston County - Heavy rain created flash flood issues in Houston County Monday. In less than 20 hours, at least seven inches of rain fell flooding homes and roads.

"Public safety is obviously our first concern. We're going to close the road, it's an inconvenience I know for folks who live around there, but again we've got to be sure the people that cross and use our roads are safe," said Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver.

At one point there were 26 roads closed in the county and in Dothan. Now six are closed indefinitely.

Bruner Pond Road in Pansey was one of the hardest hit. You can see some of the ground washed away, but it's what you can't see that could be the most dangerous.

"When you have that much water going through a pipe or a culvert, or over a road, it does cause erosion. If that erosion gets under the road then obviously it becomes a safety issue," said Culver.

"It's a road that gets you to a church we go to down the road here. It's kind of hectic with it being washed out like that. I ride it pretty regularly, about 3-4 times a week," said Nick Rogers, Ashford.

But Rogers along with others will need to take a detour for at least a few weeks.

"We'll get on these roads pretty quick. I would say it will be weeks rather than months before they are repaired," said Culver.

Until then, it is illegal and dangerous to drive around the road closed signs.

Roads Closed:

Bruner Pond Rd between CR 75 N and Paul Lamp closed until further notice
Cephus Rollins Rd at 900 Block closed until further notice
Edsel Deese Rd between Jack Bruner & CR 55 N closed until further notice
Fowler Road (near CR 33) closed until further notice
Johnny Ingram Rd between Freddie Whiddon & Ben Ivey closed until further notice
Hollis Dairy Rd (South of Judge Logue Rd to CR 9) closed until further notice

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