4:42 PM UPDATE: Wiregrass Road Closures

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Current Road Closure Status - Houston County Road & Bridge

2/12 2am Shiver Rd closed at Geneva County Line Open

2/12 10am Bruner Pond Rd between CR 75 N and Paul Lamp closed until further notice
2/12 10am Cephus Rollins Rd at 900 Block closed until further notice
2/12 10am Edsel Deese Rd between Jack Bruner & CR 55 N closed until further notice
2/12 10am Fowler Road (near CR 33) closed until further notice
2/12 10am Johnny Ingram Rd between Freddie Whiddon & Ben Ivey closed until further notice
2/12 2pm Hollis Dairy Rd (South of Judge Logue Rd to CR 9) closed until further notice

2/12 10am AJ Register Rd at Zachary Rd Open
2/12 10am Antioch Church Rd Open
2/12 10am Bodiford Rd Open
2/12 10am Broad St (near Cowarts) Open
2/12 10am Bruner Mill Rd Open
2/12 10am Bruner Rd Open
2/12 10am Cedar Springs Rd at Ebenezer Rd Open
2/12 10am Co Rd 22 (at the county line) Open
2/12 11am Ed Tolar Road (between Paul Lamp Rd & E. Cook) Open
2/12 10am Eddins Rd between Prevatt Rd and Hwy 53 Open
2/12 10am Fortner St 4000 block near Lavier Hills S/D Open
2/12 11am Fortner sty between Gilmore and Cumbie Open
2/12 10am Hodgesville Rd (near CR 33) Open
2/12 10am Jack Bruner Rd (at 1228 Jack Bruner Rd) Open
2/12 10am Malvern Rd (near 1158 Malvern Rd) Open
2/12 11am N Bay Springs Rd at Dale County line (Bridge) Open
2/12 10am Pansey Rd (near 3058 Pansey Rd) Open
2/12 10am Pleasant Grove Rd (near Cedar Springs) Open
2/12 11am S County Rd 9 at Hollis Dairy Open
2/12 10am Sanitary Dairy Rd Open
2/12 11am State Line Rd at D Hodge Rd Open
2/12 11am Strong Rd Open
2/12 10am Taylor Rd Near 59 Open
2/12 10am Willie Varnum Rd Open

2/12 10am County Road 55 N (between Hwy 52 & Ebenezer Rd) Open - repairs in progress
2/12 10am Johnny Murphy Rd 2100 Block Open - repairs in progress

Geneva County
Sandy Creek Rd @ Bridge
Nellie Dunn Rd
Corner Creek Rd
Buck Vaughn Rd
Caldwell Rd
Old Chipley Rd
Trussell Rd Between Coe Rd & CR 69
Lewis Rd Between Hwy 52 & Foster Clark
Hornsby Rd
Foster Clark Rd
Mitchell Rd
Poole Rd @ Bridge
Coach Rd
Wheeler Dr
Macedonia Rd
Green Branch Rd @ State 85 End
Alaflo Rd
Underwood Mill Rd
Kelly Rd
Starshan Rd
Chipola Rd
Tyler Rd
River Rd
Justice Mill Rd
Chancey Rd
Etheridge Rd
Broxson Rd Triumph Rd - C.R. 64