Houston County Property Taxes Past Due

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Several thousand Houston County residents haven’t paid their property taxes for 2013 and it is going to cost them.

“There is a 1% increase added at this time so they have until about the middle of January to get the taxes paid before they go up again,” said Stephanie Weed, Chief Clerk of the Houston County Revenue Office.

Delinquent notices are beginning to be sent out so if you get one – you’ll want to act fast.

“The notices give them another two and half weeks and then it will be about 2% and $5 on each parcel that is delinquent.”

But the fees don’t stop there.

“In February we send out a certified letter letting them know that it is delinquent and it can be sold at tax sale," explained Weed. "We do advertise it in the Dothan Eagle at the end of March or end of April and then in May, right after the middle of May we have a tax sale out in front of the building.”

Officials say that typically 200 and 300 properties are advertised for in the tax sale and as many as 50 are sold, but all of that can be avoided by paying as soon as possible.

“It is important no one wants to pay late fees and it keeps creeping up so, we have our tax sale every may so they don’t want it to get to that point.”

Property taxes can be paid for at the Houston County Administration building until next Tuesday. The office will then relocate to the old Mayer Electric building on Foster Street. Property tax payments can also be made online at Houstoncounty.org.

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