Houston County Property Taxes Are Now Due

Property taxes in Houston County are now due.

You should have received a tax bill last month.

The taxes are due by December 31.

After that date, you will have to pay a late fee.

To pay your fee you can simply go to the Tax Revenue Office on the fifth floor of the Houston County Government Building in Dothan or mail your fee to the office.

Houston County Revenue Tax Commissioner, Starla Matthews, said, “Two dollars if they would like to contribute. There's a box they can check, and that's on there with everything else. There is lots of information, but it's nice for people to know about because we have had a lot of several thank you notes, because of the fact we are extending that to the fire department."

There is also a feature to pay your property tax bill online.

Just log onto houstoncounty.org and click on Revenue Commission.