Houston County: Number One in Holiday Revenue

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People across the tri-state area will be shopping at Wiregrass stores this Friday morning and all that extra revenue will benefit Houston County in more than one way.

No matter how much you plan on spending on gifts this holiday season,

Houston County Chairman Mark Culver says every cent counts.

"We're the number one outshopping county in Alabama, which means per capita more people come into Houston County than any county in Alabama," said Culver.

Culver says the county's wide variety of stores is what brings in people from across the tri-states.

"If you go out to the mall on Friday or Saturday, you'll see car tags not only from multiple counties. Florida and Georgia also come up to our area to shop.”

Culver also says an increase in sales benefits more than just local retailers.

"It helps our local businesses and it also helps the government when people come in and generate sales taxes for us and the city and education."

While cyber-monday is also a big shopping day, Culver hopes that shoppers do most of their business in person because extra revenue is the gift, that keeps on giving.

Final sales tax figures won't be available until the end of January, but the Alabama Retail Association predicts a 2 percent increase in holiday revenue.