Houston County Jail Break In

You might have heard of someone trying to break out of jail, but what about trying to break in?

"No matter what a lot of people may think they can bring some tools to the jails and that they could try to break somebody out but there are multiple security features that are built into the design of a jail that would pretty much prohibit that from happening."

"Officials say that this is the first time in the jail's history that someone has tried to break in, matter of fact break out of jail.”

The attempt was unsuccessful and all inmates were accounted for this morning.

Early this morning investigators found a toolbox near a hole in a fence surrounding the jail.

"They did use some tools and attempted to cut through one of our cell blocks."

"We really don't want to talk about the type of tools but we will say that some cutting tools and some prying tools we're used to attempt to gain entry into the jail."

The cellblock that was being cut into holds two inmates who police are questioning.

Deputies haven't released any possible suspects' names.

If convicted they could face first degree escape charges.

Sheriff Hughes insists breakouts are very uncommon at the Houston County jail.

"I think we are good on our security, knock on wood we haven't had an escape from the Houston County jail, and we work daily to make sure that we don't have an escape from the jail."

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