Houston County Flooding

Flooded front yard at 11665 Cottonwood rd . Cottonwood AL
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By nine o'clock this morning, emergency officials had already started closing down many roads in Houston County.

Heavy thunderstorms didn't give drainage systems much time to do their jobs.
Within a couple hours, flood waters had overtaken many roads in Houston County.
And it didn't take long for emergency management agencies to act.

“A lot of the calls we get are from people who are stranded on roadways that have tried to drive through standing water.” Battalion Chief Chris Etheredge said.

Some drivers, who saw the high flood waters, misjudged their depth and needed help getting out.

“We send out units to assist them in exiting their vehicles and getting out of them safely.” Etheredge said.

But those weren't the only calls coming in from panicked residents.

“Additionally we receive calls from people in their homes worried about water coming into their homes, concerned about electricity problems in their homes as water begins to rise.” Etheredge said.

Etheredge says when this happens, they notify the electric companies to come and turn off the electricity.

“We've had several this morning we’ve cut off four or five of them for flooding in the houses. We usually cut it loose at the transformers if we can’t get to the meters.” Dothan Utilities General line and survive supervisor Mark Kight said.

Many residents lost power this morning, but officials say there are no widespread outages still going on.

“Right now with all the drainage we've done real good today, so we don’t have any outages right now.” Kight said.

And EMA officials say they will continue to monitor calls from residents until the flooding situation dies down.
Etherdge says if you see a street filled with water, do not cross it.

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