Houston County Drug Raid Ends Three Month Manhunt

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The U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force and Houston County Sheriff's Office raided a house off Brannon Stand Road in Dothan on Thursday. Authorities said the suspect, Richard Brown Parrish, was growing dozens of marijuana plants inside.

Dale County Sheriff Wally Olsen said the investigation began in his neck of the woods.

“They apprehended a suspect that we had been pursuing in reference to an indoor growing operation of marijuana, and paraphernalia, and certain firearm charges,” explained Sheriff Olsen.

Several agencies followed leads that led to the bust. Witness Spenser Peters said authorities wasted no time.

“I saw a van at the dollar store, and next thing I know, eight or ten full armored U.S. Marshals, I guess, popped out of there. They used, I guess, two crushing grenades, a tear gas type deal,” Peters described.

Sheriff Olsen said the joint effort validates their relationship with surrounding law enforcement.

He said, “The relationship that we share with these other agencies is a vital part of what we do so I feel like the Wiregrass area is blessed to have that kind of working relationship with these agencies.”

In addition to law enforcement cooperation, Sheriff Olsen added, he was just happy the drug bust went down without anyone getting hurt.

Authorities arrested at least two other suspects, in addition to Parrish. They are booked in the Houston County Jail and police are still investigating.

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