Houston County Drivers Talk Bus Safety

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"As a superintendent I had already has concerns about the buses and how vulnerable they are out in the country," says Houston County Superintendent Tim Pitchford.

A concern that many share but now the fear is reality in Dale County prompting bus drivers in Houston County to come together to talk school bus safety.

"The state does things to keep us aware of what's possible and to try to prepare us but it's hard to react whenever you know you're in that situation," says six-year driver Ron Herring.

Herring is a 6-year bus driver but says walking up those steps each day is a true test.

"I think Mr. Poland was incredibly brave...you know as a bus driver he's out on an island."

An island Herring says every driver thinks about.

"It makes me think about how vulnerable we are...how we can be so normal one minute and a few minutes later our world's totally turned upside down,"

But for Taylor only one thing comes to mind.

"Your first instinct is to protect those kids because those are my kids. When I drive this bus, those kids on this bus are mine."

Many drivers say that the items presented in this morning's meeting were things they already know; however, they agree that there's no such thing as too much information when it comes to keeping the kids who ride in these seats safe.

Some of those items urge drivers to know their route, remember the door is their first line of protection and ensure that no unauthorized person enters the bus at any time.

A safety that it's up to drivers to protect every time they make a stop and open the door.

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