Houston County Commission Prepares to Present New Budget

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The Houston County Commission has been crunching numbers and is ready to present a new budget.

Commission Chairman Mark Culver gave an overview of the upcoming year’s budget at this morning’s commission meeting. He admits that this year’s budget was difficult one to put together, mainly because of recent renovations and other county needs.

Despite difficulties, he says that no major cuts will be made to personnel or basic services.

“First of all we had a lot of needs, we have a sheriff’s department that has needs with vehicles and other things, we have the probate office that needs more clerks, our road and bridge department has roads that need to be resurfaced and dirt roads that need to be paved, we have a lot of extra needs that we just cant meet right now,” explained Culver. “We have plenty of funds to reach daily operation and the budget will be a good budget. On top of that we did some extensive renovation – we rolled about 4 years of work into 1 year so that created a shortage of funds if you will but with the hard work of our department head and the commission we will have a good budget that we will present on Monday and hopefully it will be approved and it will be a good year just a tight year.”

The budget will be presented at the Sept. 8 commission meeting.

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