Houston County Filing For BP Oil Spill Revenue

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Houston County is following what the city of Dothan did just a week ago.

The question behind these lawsuits is simple: Did the city and the county lose any money because of the 2010 B.P. oil spill?

There aren't any answers yet.

But county commissioners voted "yes" to filing today to find out.

They have a few reasons behind their claim.

First, many people drive through Dothan to get to the beach.

They stop for gas, food and sometimes a place to stay.

It's a major source of revenue for the city.

But many thought the beaches were closed during the oil spill and clean-up, causing tourism to drop about 16 percent.

Commissioners also say many other communities are filing and it won't cost anything to try to do the same.

In fact, officials could see a big return.

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