Houston Co. Goals for 2013

Houston County, AL - Many of you are probably thinking about resolutions or goals for 2013. Leaders have also been thinking about goals for Houston County.

Commission Chairman, Mark Culver says, they really want to focus on things that impact the citizens they serve.

One way is to continue creating job opportunities and an environment for small businesses to succeed.

Culver said the road and bridge department will be busy this year. There are several road projects in the works through the ATRIP program.

However, the chairman's main goal is to continue the successful partnership with Dothan city leaders.

"We feel by doing things together we make the tax dollars the citizens pay us go further. You've seen that on the library. You've seen that on the medical school. You've seen that on economic development projects, and we're going to continue that."

Culver also encourages residents to have a good attitude about their community.

"We feel very strongly that we are in a positive position as far as the economy goes, but without the consumer confidence and folks getting out to invest and spend money then it pushes down on the ability of our economy to grow," said Culver.

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