House Fire In Cowarts

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Neighbors say they called the Cowarts Fire Department after seeing smoke coming from the home.

They say it was a scary sight but not as scary as the call the homeowner got.

It all started around 6:45 Wednesday morning.

Cowarts Fire Chief Roger Nall says they got a call about smoke coming from a home on Clairmont Drive.

He says when they got there, one end of the home was already fully involved in smoke.

Ashford, Love town and Webb Fire Departments were called to the home fire because Cowarts didn't have a close hydrant.

Although the home is destroyed, the family and fire officials are thankful no one was hurt.

"The homeowner was not at home at the time, she was at work, she works night shift and there was no one at home and no one was injured, no firemen or anyone else, " says Nall.

A Cowarts woman and her daughter lived in the home.

Chief Nall says they believe the fire to have been electrical.

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