House Farm Bill Fails

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"Were optimistic at this point".

Words from Alabama Peanut Producers Association President, Randy Griggs just an hour before the farm Bill failed in the House.

"Whether they go in and start from scratch or whether they try to modify the existing bill remains to be seen, its a little too early to know what approach they'll take,"says Griggs.

The Bill intended to make changes to things like food stamps and propose security measures for farmers.

"It also includes several regulatory relief measures aimed to help mitigate the burdens that farmers, ranchers and rural communities face," says U.S. Representative Martha Roby.

"It makes really meaningful reforms to food stamps that's important because this program has been riddled with fraud and abuse in recent years"

With the Bill's failure, it's not clear what's next for farmers; making it difficult to know what to expect for the upcoming planting season.

"It sets the stage and defines the rules for the next 5 years. Its not fair for farmers not to know what the rules of the game before they get into next year's crop. We've seen it in the past it has been very difficult for farmers not knowing what kind of program or safety net the government is going to provide," says Griggs.

A safety net that helps farmers sow a seed to reap a harvest.
Griggs also says because the house rejected its version of the bill, they will now have to start the process all over again.

We will keep you posted on the latest as the bill progresses through the legislature.

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