House Expected to Vote on Border Legislation

The House is expected to vote at 11:45am CT Thursday, on border legislation which does not address the President’s planned and unlawful executive action to give work permits to millions of illegal immigrants in a time of high unemployment.

The following is the video of Sen. Sessions’ floor speech:

Below is Sen. Sessions’ statement Thursday:

“With great concern, we as policy makers must face the reality that the President is openly planning to use executive actions to provide amnesty and work permits to millions without any lawful authority. The Congress has a duty to resist. Legislation currently pending in both chambers fails to meet this test and therefore must be opposed.

My position from the beginning has been that Congress should not pass any border bill which does not block funding for the President’s planned executive amnesty. The House border supplemental contains no language on executive action and is the only bill that would receive consideration in the Senate. The separate House measure on executive actions fails to place effective restrictions on the President’s ability to grant unlawful amnesty and work permits. For Congress to successfully stand against the President’s nullification plans, it must adopt the language proposed by Senator Cruz.”

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