House Committee Passes Working Families Flexibility Act

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Employees could soon accumulate vacation through overtime. The House Committee on Education and the Workforce gave a green light for U.S Representative Martha Roby's Working Families Flexibility Act. It gives private sector employees the option to choose time off instead of paid time and a half.

"For every hour of over time that you want to use for comp time, it's an hour and a half of paid leave,” explained Roby.

The bill helps employees balance family and work.

Chelsea Johnston, a Dothan resident, said, “I know for families it might be more legitimate for them to have time off because family is very important.”

Currently it is against the law for any private sector employee to get time off when they get overtime—but that is not the case for public sector employees.

“Friends that work in the state house in Montgomery, they enjoy comp time. They're privileged employees. Why should some not be able to do the same thing?" questioned Roby.

Opponents of the bill wanted clarification. They feared this comp time would disrupt a 40 hour work week.

"If the employee wants to use the time and the boss says no and the employee believes it's not unduly disruptive, as a practical matter, you're not going to hire a lawyer and go to court,” expressed Representative Rob Andrews, a democrat from New Jersey.

Some workers say they would still take the money over time off.

"You get rewarded financially for working harder and I think you should get paid for what you do,” stated Nicholas Ireland, a Dothan resident.

Regardless, this bill provides options. Parents will not have to miss their child's big game, or employees can finally work towards that dream vacation. Roby said the bill will go to the House in the coming weeks.

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