Hot Dogs for Scholarships

Indoor grilling on a wet 4th of July by Cindy from Kinsey.
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What do hot dogs and scholarships have in common?
They're helping local students who want to join the medical field.

The Southeast Alabama Medical Center took advantage of Tuesday being National Hot Dog Day.

The medical center's volunteer services sold hot dog combos.

Money from the meals go toward the teenage volunteers scholarship fund.
That really helps out the senior volunteers with college expenses.

"All of the funds that we give away through the teenage volunteers scholarship program are raised through the teenage volunteers themselves so the more fundraisers we do and the more money we raise the more money we have to give away at the end of the year for seniors," said SAMC Dir. of Volunteer Services Jamie Weeks.

The group usually awards two or three scholarships a year.
They're around $2,500 each.

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