Hostile Action Drill at Farley Nuclear Plant

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On Wednesday, the Farley Nuclear Plant conducted a “hostile-action” drill in Dothan. The drill only happens once every eight years, but it is far from ordinary.

Officials from Alabama Power, Emergency Management, and other personnel would combine forces at the Joint Information Center on Foster Street.

“Members of our emergency response organization would be contacted through an alert find system that sends messages throughout,” explained Neecie Tarrant, Communications Coordinator with Farley Nuclear Plant.

In the event of a hostile situation, the Houston County Sheriff’s Office, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies would manage emergency response from an Incident Command Post (ICP)—which is an undisclosed location near the plant.

Even though just a drill, Wednesday’s practice could prevent a potential disaster.

“This would affect all of our law enforcement. All of our personnel from fire, our school children. It would affect a large population,” said Kris Ware, Public Information Officer with the Houston County EMA.

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission mandates these drills.

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