Honoring Savoy Jones

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Two rivals on the basketball court are meeting in the middle, after 15-year-old Emmanuel Christian sophomore Christopher Savoy Jones suddenly collapsed and died Tuesday during basketball practice.

Administrator at Emmanuel Christian School Mark Redmond said, “I got a call this morning from Northside Methodist Academy and they let me know that some of their students had a memorial service yesterday. Some had put together a card they wanted to put it together for our students.”

Now Emmanuel Christian and Northside Methodist high schools are coming together to say goodbye, grieve and send a big message.

Tucker Thompson, senior at Northside Methodist High school, said. “The bible says iron sharpens iron; one man sharpens another and I think that's really true in this case. We're here for them for support because they were here with Savoy everyday and now that he's gone, there's a hole and they need someone to be there for them.”

Administrators say it's been a tough week, but students say they'll stay in the game for Savoy.

Redmond said, “Today our boys, both boys and girls, have decided to go ahead and follow through with a tournament they were scheduled to be in this weekend.”

Emmanuel Christian coach Michael Johnson says this is exactly what Savoy would have wanted.

Emmanuel Christian Boys Head Basketball Coach Michael Johnson said, “He was just the type of kid always smiling, always joking around. Seeing these two schools coming together....he would be overjoyed, that's who he is, a joyful, loving person. I told them last night at practice, tell the people you love that you love them. Don’t ever take anyone for granted.”

Healing and planning a big weekend win for Savoy.

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