Honor Guard Ensures Respect and Honor for Military Men and Women's Final Step

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FORT RUCKER -- A group of committed and focused men and women take part in the honor guard detachment at Fort Rucker in order to ensure the fallen military member receives their final respects.

The Honor Guard at Fort Rucker train every day to ensure they know every step when providing this service to those who served.

"Perfection is the minimum," Warrant Officer Nicholas Emery said. "There is no good enough, there is no close enough, you train until you can't get it wrong."

After a salute by the officer in command, the soldiers march to each side of the casket. They lift it and carry it to the respective location and lower the casket.

After making sure the flag is neatly draped over it, they take their position for the firing of weapons and Taps.

Then, they assume position at either side of the casket and begin folding the American Flag. Once neatly folded, the flag is presented to the family of the fallen soldier or military member.

The Honor Guard at Fort Rucker presents this ceremony for more than 24,000 funerals a year. The detail at Fort Rucker serves all but 11 counties in Alabama and 10 counties in the Florida Panhandle.